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MacNeil Global Ltd Professional services Terms and conditions


Upon placing an order with MacNeil Global Ltd, you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions which are set out on this page. Please read all terms and conditions carefully to ensure you are satisfied with the service we supply before making a purchase. We would suggest that if you have any questions about any of the Terms and Conditions set out, that you contact us for further information before placing any order. If after discussing your concerns with us, you disagree with any of the terms and conditions set out in this document, we would suggest that you do not use our services and seek out a service which better suits your needs. Occasionally, we may make changes to our Terms and Conditions. If any change takes place after you have placed an order with us, the original Terms and Conditions at the time of placing your order will apply.

Your Contract with MacNeil Global Ltd

A binding contract with our service will only exist when MacNeil Global Ltd has accepted your order.

Website Content

All content on this site is the property of MacNeil Global Ltd. Unauthorised copying is prohibited.

MacNeil Global Ltd takes a great deal of care to ensure that all information on our website is correct and does not accept liability where information is not accurate. However, should there be any incorrect information which affects a customer’s service, MacNeil Global Ltd shall ensure to make all necessary amendments to ensure the customer is fully satisfied where possible.

The prices listed on the MacNeil Global Ltd website are subject to change without prior notice and MacNeil Global Ltd does not accept any liability for this. If our prices change after you have placed an order with us, the price at the time of purchase will apply. Although our prices may change, we aim to continuously offer a great value for money service to our customers.

Placing your order with MacNeil Global Ltd

In order to complete your order, after purchasing the service or package you wish to buy online, A MacNeil Global Ltd team member will contact you via phone or skype to carry out an initial consultation with you which should normally last no longer than 20 minutes. If there are any specific days or times that suit you best for this, please send these details through to us at your earliest convenience after placing your order to allow us to accommodate your request.

We aim to contact you within 2 working days of receiving your order confirmation. Please note that the specified delivery time for any service or package is from the time your initial consultation is carried out and not from the time you place your order. Please also note that any delay in your availability to carry out a short consultation with us may also delay the delivery time on your service or package. We prefer to contact each customer by either telephone or skype to provide a personal service  but we also understand that not everyone has time to speak to us so if you would prefer all communication via email, please specify this by emailing  at your earliest convenience after buying your chosen service or package on our website.

For anyone purchasing a package which includes CV, Cover Letter or LinkedIn Profile writing, we also request that you email your current CV to us on  to allow us to gain some initial insight into your skills and experience prior to carrying out your consultation. All information passed to us is treated with the strictest level of confidentiality in accordance with Data Protection Legislation. For Companies who wish to purchase a Professional Business Service, please initially contact us on 0141 648 8671 for your free quote and we will be happy to discuss the various payment options available to you.

Making a Payment to MacNeil Global Ltd

MacNeil Global Ltd take payment in advance to allow us to process your order. This is taken on the company website through our merchant service PayPal. If you would like to make your payment via a different method, please contact us on 0141 648 8671 to discuss alternative options.

If you experience any issues whilst trying to make an onsite payment, please contact us at your earliest convenience to allow us to fix the issue promptly.

Receiving your Service or Package

For all CV and Cover Letter Writing Services, we shall email you the completed documents in both a Microsoft Word document and PDF version upon completion. These can also be posted to 1 address of your choice where requested. We aim to meet all delivery dates advertised on our website. However, should there be any delay in meeting your order delivery date, we shall notify you of this as soon as possible.


For services and packages that include Professional CV, Cover Letter or LinkedIn Profile writing, you shall receive your completed document via email (or by post where requested). In the correspondence sent, you shall be asked to confirm that you have received the documents and answer the survey attached to the email to help us monitor and improve our services. We will be happy to carry out any required amendments required where they are requested within 48 hours of the completed documents being sent to you. For all other services and packages, we shall either give you a customer satisfaction survey or send this to you by email. It would be greatly appreciated if you could complete the survey. We are also happy to receive feedback via email to:


If you place an incorrect order, we will advise you of this via phone call, email or via skype. If you have purchased a service or package that is lower in cost than the service or package you require, we will advise you of the additional cost required to process your order and ask for the additional payment to be made. Any delay in making the payment to MacNeil Global Ltd may cause a delay in the service or package being delivered to you. If you are unhappy to provide the extra cost required for a service or package, we’ll be happy to refund the amount you have made the payment for. Likewise, if you purchase a package or service higher in cost than the package or service required, we will advise you of this and refund the difference in price between the two services or packages.

If you are dissatisfied with the service provided for any of our services or packages, we shall investigate the issue and aim to resolve the matter urgently.

We do not offer refunds for our services, apart from where you have made an over payment on a service or package or in situations where the customer’s experience has been negatively impacted.

Cancellations and Returns

We hope that all customer will be fully satisfied with the services we provide. As each of our services are made to the customer’s specifications to ensure they are personalised, they services are exempt from the normal distance selling regulations.

 Complaints and feedback

Through the customer satisfaction surveys provided on completion of all services we offer, we aim to collect as much feedback as possible from our customers so we greatly appreciate when customers can fill these out and return to us via email. In the unlikely situation that you are dissatisfied with any service, we would also ask that any complaints are initially sent to us via email to  or by calling 0141 648 8671.

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